Frequently Asked Questions


What are the working hours of your service?

We provide service from 8 am to 8 pm.

How can I hire a professional if Ustad Online does not provide services in my area?

We’re sorry there is no way for you to hire.

Booking Information

After creating a job how long will a professional take to contact me?

Professional will contact you, or respond to the job within 30 minutes.

Can I hire more than one professional at a time? Each for different job?

Yes, you can hire more than one professional and each can be hired for a different job. For example You can hire a painter and at the same time you can hire a plumber as well.

Can I cancel the job before it has started?

Yes you sure can cancel the job before it has started or finished.

Can I cancel the job in the middle?

Yes you may cancel the job when ever you want.

Can I hire a professional of my own choice?

You will get the professional assigned by the system.

Can I use Ustad Online without internet?

Internet is necessary for using Ustad Online.

Can I schedule a professional for later?

You can hire the professional whenever you want. You can hire the professional at the moment or hire it later.

Can I view all the professionals I have hired for different jobs?

Yes, you can surely view all the professionals and contact them as well.


How do I contact hired professional?

When a professional is assigned to you. Click on that job and you will be provided with an option to contact professional.

Who should I contact if I am unable to hire a professional?

Contact Us and tell us the issue you’re having.

What to do if a professional misbehaves with me?

Contact Us and tell us what happened and we’ll deal with the professional. For any kind of inconvenience you can always contact Us. In side bar menu, help tab has our contact information.

A professional started a job , total time was 3 hours, where as he worked for only 1 hour and I was charged for 3 hours. How can I report that?

You can contact Us, report the whole matter and we’ll refund your amount.

Mobile App

Do I have tor register first to hire a professional?

Yes, you need to install our application, register and then you can hire a professional. Or you can register and hire through website. Ustad Online Registration

Payment Methods

How can I pay for the job?

You can pay through cash when the job has finished.

Can I pay through Debit Card? or Credit Card?

Currently we only support payment through cash. Online payment methods will be added soon.

Prices & Discount

Will I get refund?

If any payment issue occurs, feel free to contact us. Explain us and we’ll refund your amount.

Is there any Visit fee?

No, there is no Visit fee. You can hire a professional, he can visit and look into the problem, without any fee. You will pay only if you have accepted the estimation he submitted and the job has been started.

Where can I find billing details?

Your payment history is saved in the tab Transaction History, which is in the sidebar menu of your App. Transaction History

How do you bill for services?

You will be charged on hourly basis. Check out our rate list!

Do I still have to pay if a professional is unable to complete the job?

You only have to pay for the working hours. Not more than that.