About US

What is Ustad Online ? What do we offer?

Ustad Online provides on-demand home service. It connects the service providers to the customers and helps with home repairs.

If you need any household assistance you do not have to worry about finding the right person to do this job anymore as you can simply go to our website or download Application, hire a person suitable for your job, be it a mechanic, painter, carpenter, A.C Mechanic, electrician, plumber we can find one for you.

Ustad Online connects you with nearest professional, who will visit your place and fix the reported issue. All you have to do is :

  1. Register
  2. Pick a service
  3. Book online
  4. Pay after service

We have plans to start following on demand home services:

  1. Painters
  2. A.C / Refrigerator Mechanics
  3. Electricians
  4. Car Electricians
  5. Plumbers
  6. Masons
  7. CCTV Export

The motivation behind starting Ustad Online was to add ease in others life as finding someone who is proficient at his job is not easy nowadays.

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