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Ustad Online Client Application

This Application allows users to find professional service providers at their home/office. This app not only allows user to find professional but also contact, rate and a range of other features which are given below:

  1. Hire the professional whenever user wants.
  2. Monitor the status of Job.
  3. Manage account, Update account details.
  4. Stay Up to date about job through notification. 
  5. Cancel the job.
  6. Check Transaction History.
  7. Check Balance.
  8. Assign Job to professional.
  9. Rate professional on his performance .
  10. Review completed jobs.
  11. See the location of professional.
  12. Contact professional.

Application contains :

  • Get a Professional
    To hire a professional Click here and fill out the necessary fields.

  • My account
    User can modify account details here.

  • Jobs
    All the active jobs are listed here.

  • Notifications
    All the notifications can be viewed here.

  • Transaction History
    History of all payments is displayed here.

Client App     

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